The Restaurant

It all began in October 2010 when local residents created The Refreshment Room to produce delicious healthy and true food in the kitchen.

The old Montana Winery, built in the early 70’s, provided the perfect location. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Waitakeres, The Refreshment Room has warm indoor fires for winter and a large outdoor deck which provides relaxed dining in the summer months.

The Red Room, downstairs at The Refreshment Room, opened in February 2013. It is a great event space for large group dining and banquet dinners, for day time (any day) corporate workshops and training, art exhibitions, special parties, small weddings and conferences, comedy and music gigs, etc.

The Red Room also takes overflow from the upstairs Refreshment Room, and is a great place to relax with your cured meats and early evening beverages or your dessert and coffee.

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