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Sat 27th October, 8pm

Across the Great Divide. A unique, evocative and vibrant blend of contemporary and traditional music from Celtic and Americana origins.

Uncommon Ground Album Tour with live music from Tony Burt and Karen Jones with special guest, sax player, Hanna Wiskari-Griffiths.

Two travellers, one journey, many conversations. Music is a language and therefore a very powerful tool. As two musicians we met, each with our own paths behind us, Tony with his film production and Americana infused compositions, and Karen with a deep understanding of her Scottish and Irish roots. Seldom do these two genres or instruments meet, yet as one, and with great respect for the other’s musical pathway, we converse, to honour the traditional, and create the contemporary.

The musical conversations recorded on the new CD speak of the ancestral depths of the Scottish highlands, (Arran Boat) to the joy of a light summer breeze, (Happy MacHappie), from our response to current affairs, (the Patriot), to the joy of musical friendship (circle of friends), of courage and perseverance (Long she waits) and the joy of family and friends, (Auld Lang Syne) and more.

​We are very blessed to be joined on ‘Uncommon Ground” with an incredible group of musician friends from New Zealand and across the globe, all who have added their own flavour and interpretation to the tracks. Lindsay Martin (Australia), Jim Perkins (Rarotonga, NZ), Mike Vass (Scotland), Jon Sanders (Ireland and NZ), Yair Katz (Israel),

New Zealanders – James Geluk, Victoria Vigenser, Shimna Higgins, Garrett Evans and our guest of honour Hanna Wiskari-Griffiths (Sweden). Thank you all for walking with us this far.
Like all things which come together, the road has not always been smooth, but as always, it has made us stronger. With our great friends we offer these musical conversations and hope they create joy, inspiration and kotahitanga (unity).

Saturday 27th October at 8pm Doors and bar open 7-30pm
Tickets are limited so we advise buying your ticket now with or on door (if not sold out) Text bookings to 0210 222 5558


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