Wedding Photographer Wellington

You’ll be sure to capture all the right moments with Cath Fitzgerald Photography. She loves to document the day as it unfolds, resulting in wedding photos that are timeless and authentic.

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer is important to ensure that your special memories are preserved and shared for generations to come. When you hire a wedding photographer, make sure they’re experienced and trustworthy.

2. Auburn Photography

Mount Auburn’s photographic collections span a wide range of formats and styles. The collections include salt prints, stereo views, glass-plate negatives, 35mm color slides, and digital images. The collection grows through gifts, acquisitions, and the work of staff, volunteers, and associates intimately familiar with the Cemetery’s history.

Auburn’s photography concentration offers studio courses designed to train professional contemporary practicing artists. The program encourages students to explore the expressive and conceptual potential of their medium while also developing a solid technical base.

It is not unusual for a younger artist to be inspired by an established one, and perhaps allude to or imitate them in homage, but it is rare that this interaction becomes the basis of a significant project and yields such compelling synergy as in ‘Looking Up To You’, a collaboration between Wellington-based sculptor Cat Auburn and New Zealand photographer Fiona Pardington. Auburn echoes the fungi in Pardington’s still life photographs with a sculptural version of her own, but her apparent ironic distance from Pardington adds an extra dimension to the interaction that raises it above mere appropriation.

3. Kirsten Walsh Photography

Kirsten Walsh is a portrait and wedding photographer who loves capturing the most precious moments. She is known for her creative style and ability to build rapport with her subjects so that genuine photos are captured. She has a solid base in child and family portraits as well as an emerging track record in commercial and corporate photography.

She was born and raised in Melbourne, but her love of art was fully ignited when she travelled to Italy. The colour, freedom and architectural beauty of the country inspired her to pick up her pencils again and pursue her passion.

Kirsten offers a variety of packages, from digital to print. She recommends opting for a digital package as it will save you money on printing costs in the future. She also allows couples to share their photos with friends and family before purchasing them, which is a great feature for those who want to avoid any delays.

4. Photography by Andie

An authentic wedding photographer Wellington who loves to capture the beauty in your story. She believes marriage is the foundation of all that we do, and that it’s a beautiful thing to celebrate. She wants to help you build a foundation of love and support for the rest of your life together.

The heart of all her work is real happiness. She works tirelessly to find those golden moments, ensuring that your wedding photography tells the stunning tale of your day.

Her creativity in photography started at a young age. She has an Adobe Photoshop Associates Certification and a passion for editing photos to bring out their true beauty. She’s also a talented artist and can create a unique portrait that reflects your personality. When she’s not working, she’s on a beach somewhere with her best friend and husband, Robin. And their one true love is their cat named Schnooks. She’s a bit of a crazy cat lady.

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