Timber Flooring NZ – The Benefits Of Using This Alternative And How It Can Benefit You


Timber Flooring NZ is a highly preferred option of flooring for modern homes and other commercial structures due to its durability. The cost and quality of this material make it economical for many. It has the potential to last for decades, compared to traditional wooden flooring. There are a number of reasons why this is the case.

One major reason why hardwood timber flooring NZ is an economical option is the amount of trees that are saved from being cut down. The more trees are harvested, the less trees are needed in the construction process. This lessens the cost of harvesting the hardwoods and the timbers are easier to obtain. Timber that has been grown and sown is harvested by a few companies and transported to different parts of New Zealand. A group of hardwood workers and experts then cut the trees down, chip them and saw the boards into pieces. The boards are then assembled at the factories and sent to timber flooring NZ factory to be manufactured into planks.

A single board would take close to two years to grow. The speed at which the growth occurs depends on the species of hardwood as well as the climate in the location. This means that the timbers would often mature very slowly, which is why they are soft and easy to work with. That combined with the fact that these timbers have been sawn into smaller pieces increases the speed of growth substantially.

Another key factor that makes timber flooring NZ a better option than traditional wooden flooring is the fact that the product requires very little maintenance. Typically, a hardwood floor only needs to be painted every 10 years. This gives the timber flooring a longer lifespan compared to wooden flooring that needs constant maintenance. Hardwood timber flooring does not need any sealing or waxing. It can be left in direct sunlight without being damaged.

Because the manufacturing process eliminates all the insects that are responsible for rotting and warping, timber flooring NZ manufacturers are able to produce the boards in greater quantities. With increased production, it reduces the cost of timber flooring significantly. As a result, timber flooring NZ companies are able to reduce the price of wooden flooring by half or more, which makes it more affordable for many consumers. The result is lower heating bills and less noise from traffic noise reduction.

New Zealand is rich in terms of unique flora and fauna, which make timber flooring a far more sustainable option compared to other solutions. In addition, timber flooring NZ companies use only environmentally safe adhesives and sealants, as well as only using new, pure timbers. This is the main reason why timber flooring NZ has fewer chances of being exposed to insect infestation and has a longer life span. They also guarantee the durability of their product by only using the best quality timbers and materials.

Another advantage of timber flooring NZ is its appearance. This type of flooring can be made to resemble other materials such as stone, marble, etc. With its natural beauty and elegant texture, it will also complement most other house styles. It can also add a touch of class to an otherwise dull room.

Another benefit of timber flooring NZ is its ease of installation. It can be easily installed on concrete slabs, but on wooden flooring, it must be nailed into the floor by a professional. A number of people choose this option because it is easier to install than other types of wooden flooring. It also proves to be stronger than the regular wooden flooring.

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