The Importance of Regular Building Inspections: Ensuring Safety and Value

Regular building inspections are a critical component of maintaining any property, whether residential or commercial. These inspections provide valuable insights into the condition of a building, ensuring its safety, compliance with regulations, and long-term value. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of regular building inspections and how they can benefit property owners. We’ll also highlight how F Home Solutions can help you maintain your property’s integrity and value.

Ensuring Safety

Identifying Structural Issues: One of the primary purposes of regular building inspections is to identify structural issues that could pose safety hazards. Inspectors check for signs of foundation problems, cracks in walls, and other structural deficiencies that, if left unaddressed, could lead to significant damage or even collapse.

Detecting Electrical and Plumbing Problems: Building inspections also cover electrical and plumbing systems. Faulty wiring, outdated electrical panels, and plumbing leaks can create serious safety risks, including fires, water damage, and mold growth. Regular inspections ensure these systems are functioning correctly and meet current safety standards.

Preventing Health Hazards: Inspectors look for potential health hazards such as mold, asbestos, and lead paint. These substances can have severe health impacts, especially on children and the elderly. Identifying and mitigating these hazards during regular inspections helps protect the health and well-being of occupants.

Preserving Property Value

Maintaining Structural Integrity: A well-maintained building retains its structural integrity over time. Regular inspections help identify and address issues before they become major problems, ensuring the building remains in good condition. This proactive approach prevents costly repairs and preserves the property’s value.

Enhancing Marketability: Properties that undergo regular inspections and maintenance are more attractive to potential buyers and tenants. A building with a documented history of inspections demonstrates to prospective buyers that the property has been well cared for, making it a more appealing investment.

Avoiding Costly Repairs: Regular inspections can uncover minor issues before they escalate into significant problems requiring expensive repairs. Addressing small leaks, cracks, or electrical issues early on can save property owners a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Ensuring Compliance

Adhering to Local Building Codes: Building codes and regulations are in place to ensure the safety and integrity of structures. Regular inspections help property owners stay compliant with these codes, avoiding fines and legal issues. Inspectors are familiar with local regulations and can identify areas where the building may not meet current standards.

Facilitating Insurance Claims: In the event of damage or disaster, having a record of regular inspections can facilitate insurance claims. Insurers are more likely to process claims smoothly if there is evidence that the property has been well maintained and inspected regularly.

F Home Solutions: Your Partner in Building Inspections

At F Home Solutions, we understand the importance of maintaining your property’s safety, compliance, and value. Our comprehensive building inspection services are designed to give you peace of mind and protect your investment. Here’s how we can help:

Experienced Inspectors: Our team of experienced inspectors is trained to identify potential issues and provide detailed reports. We use the latest technology and tools to ensure thorough and accurate inspections.

Customized Inspection Plans: We offer customized inspection plans tailored to your property’s specific needs. Whether you own a residential home, commercial building, or rental property, we have the expertise to address your unique requirements.

Detailed Reports: After each inspection, we provide a detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations. These reports are easy to understand and include photographs and explanations of any issues identified. We also offer follow-up consultations to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have.

Preventative Maintenance: In addition to inspections, F Home Solutions offers preventative maintenance services to address any issues identified during inspections. Our goal is to help you maintain your property in top condition and avoid costly repairs.


Regular building inspections are essential for ensuring the safety, compliance, and value of your property. By identifying and addressing issues early, you can prevent costly repairs, protect the health and safety of occupants, and enhance the marketability of your property. F Home Solutions is your trusted partner in maintaining your property’s integrity and value. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and take the first step toward safeguarding your investment.

Travel-Friendly Blowjob Machines: Top Picks for Men on the Go

For men who travel frequently, maintaining a satisfying sexual routine can be challenging. Fortunately, there are travel-friendly blowjob machines designed to provide pleasure and convenience on the go. These compact, discreet devices offer the same high-quality sensations as their full-sized counterparts, making them ideal for business trips, vacations, or any time you’re away from home. Here are some top picks for travel-friendly blowjob machines that will ensure you never have to compromise on pleasure.

Criteria for Travel-Friendly Blowjob Machines

When choosing a travel-friendly blowjob machine, consider the following factors:

  1. Portability: The device should be compact and lightweight, easily fitting into luggage or a travel bag.
  2. Discreet Design: Look for machines with discreet designs that don’t draw attention.
  3. Battery Life: Long-lasting batteries or USB-rechargeable options are ideal for travel.
  4. Ease of Cleaning: The machine should be easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring hygiene even when you’re on the move.
  5. Noise Level: A quiet operation is essential for discreet use in shared accommodations or public spaces.

Top Picks for Travel-Friendly Blowjob Machines

  1. Lovense Max 2
  • Features: App-controlled, adjustable suction, vibrating sleeve
  • Pros: Compact design, long battery life, interactive features
  • Cons: Higher price point
  • Review: The Lovense Max 2 is a versatile and travel-friendly option. Its compact size and app-controlled features make it easy to use discreetly while offering a range of customizable settings for a satisfying experience. The long battery life ensures it’s always ready for action, making it perfect for extended trips.
  1. Kiiroo Onyx+
  • Features: Real-feel sleeve, touch-sensitive technology, app integration
  • Pros: Realistic sensations, excellent build quality, interactive content
  • Cons: Expensive
  • Review: The Kiiroo Onyx+ offers a premium experience in a portable package. Its touch-sensitive technology and app integration provide a lifelike sensation that’s perfect for travel. Though it comes at a higher price, its quality and features make it a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers.
  1. Tenga Flip Zero EV
  • Features: Vibration settings, easy to clean, ergonomic design
  • Pros: Unique design, easy maintenance, powerful vibrations
  • Cons: Non

Review: The Tenga Flip Zero EV combines powerful vibrations with a unique, ergonomic design. Its flip-open feature makes it incredibly easy to clean, and the compact size ensures it’s travel-friendly. While it lacks interactive capabilities, it makes up for it with strong performance and affordability. It’s an excellent choice for users seeking a straightforward, effective blowjob machine.

  1. Fun Factory Manta
  • Features: Dual motor, silicone body, adjustable intensity
  • Pros: Versatile, high-quality materials, powerful motors
  • Cons: Learning curve

Review: The Fun Factory Manta is a versatile toy that can be used solo or with a partner. Its dual motors and compact size make it ideal for travel. The silicone body ensures durability and easy cleaning, while its powerful motors deliver intense pleasure. Though it may require some experimentation to master its use, the Manta is a great travel companion for those seeking versatility and power.

  1. Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration
  • Features: Heating function, multiple vibration modes, waterproof
  • Pros: Heating feature, waterproof, budget-friendly
  • Cons: Limited suction

Review: The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration offers a unique heating function that enhances pleasure. Its waterproof design makes it easy to clean, and its compact size is perfect for travel. The multiple vibration modes provide a range of sensations, making it a versatile and affordable option. While it doesn’t offer strong suction capabilities, its other features make it a valuable addition to any collection.

Tips for Traveling with Blowjob Machines

  1. Discreet Packing: Use a storage bag or case to keep your device discreet and protected. Place it in a section of your luggage that’s not easily accessible to others.
  2. Battery Management: Ensure your device is fully charged before you travel. Bring a USB charger or portable power bank to keep it powered up.
  3. Cleanliness: Pack a small bottle of toy cleaner and a microfiber cloth for easy cleaning. Ensure the device is completely dry before packing to prevent mold and odors.
  4. Noise Control: If noise is a concern, choose a quieter model or use the device in a private space where the sound won’t be an issue.


Travel-friendly blowjob machines offer a convenient and discreet way to maintain your sexual wellness routine while on the go. Devices like the Lovense Max 2, Kiiroo Onyx+, Tenga Flip Zero EV, Fun Factory Manta, and Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration provide a range of features and sensations that cater to different preferences and budgets. By choosing the right machine and following our travel tips, you can ensure a pleasurable and satisfying experience no matter where you are.

How to Choose the Best Baby Mobile for Your Nursery

Creating a cozy and stimulating environment for your baby is one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing for their arrival. A baby mobile is a delightful addition to any nursery, providing visual stimulation and soothing sounds to help your little one drift off to sleep. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best baby mobile for your nursery? Here are some tips to guide you in making the perfect choice for your little one.

1. Consider the Design and Theme

Match Your Nursery Theme: When choosing a baby mobile, consider the overall theme and design of your nursery. Whether you have a jungle-themed nursery or a minimalist, modern design, there’s a mobile to match. Selecting a mobile that complements your nursery decor creates a cohesive and visually appealing space.

Versatile Designs: If you plan to use the mobile for multiple children or in different settings, opt for a versatile design with neutral colors and timeless patterns. This ensures the mobile can be easily integrated into any nursery theme in the future.

2. Focus on Developmental Benefits

Visual Stimulation: Babies love to look at moving objects, and a mobile with high-contrast colors and patterns can help stimulate their visual development. Black and white designs are especially beneficial for newborns, as their vision is still developing.

Cognitive Development: Choose a mobile with a variety of shapes, colors, and textures to engage your baby’s curiosity and promote cognitive development. Mobiles that allow you to change the hanging elements or adjust their positions can keep your baby interested as they grow.

3. Music and Sound Features

Soothing Sounds: Many baby mobiles come with built-in music or sound features. Lullabies, classical music, and nature sounds can help soothe your baby to sleep. Look for mobiles with a variety of sound options to find what works best for your little one.

Volume Control: Ensure the mobile has adjustable volume settings so you can control the sound level. This allows you to find the perfect balance between soothing and overstimulating.

4. Safety First

Secure Attachment: Ensure the mobile can be securely attached to the crib or cot. A well-secured mobile reduces the risk of it falling into the crib and posing a hazard to your baby.

Non-Toxic Materials: Choose a mobile made from non-toxic, baby-safe materials. This is particularly important if your baby is teething and may reach out to touch or chew on the mobile.

Age-Appropriate Design: Some mobiles have small parts that could be a choking hazard for young babies. Ensure the mobile is age-appropriate and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe use.

5. Ease of Use and Maintenance

Easy to Clean: Babies can be messy, so choose a mobile that’s easy to clean. Removable and washable elements are a big plus, as they allow you to keep the mobile fresh and hygienic.

Simple Operation: Look for a mobile that’s easy to operate, with intuitive controls for music, movement, and light settings. Some mobiles come with remote controls, making it convenient to adjust settings without disturbing your baby.

6. Consider Longevity

Convertible Features: Some mobiles can be converted into other useful items, such as a nightlight or a projector, as your baby grows. These multi-functional designs provide longer use and better value for money.

Durability: Choose a mobile made from high-quality materials that can withstand regular use. A durable mobile will last longer and can be used for future siblings or passed down to friends and family.


Choosing the best baby mobile for your nursery involves considering factors such as design, developmental benefits, safety, ease of use, and longevity. By keeping these tips in mind, you can select a mobile that not only complements your nursery decor but also provides a safe and stimulating environment for your baby. Whether you opt for a mobile with soothing sounds, engaging visuals, or versatile features, the right choice will bring joy and comfort to your little one, helping them drift off to sleep and explore the world around them.

The Benefits of Investing in a High-Quality Cat Scratching Post

Investing in a high-quality cat scratching post is essential for any cat owner. Not only does it provide your cat with a dedicated place to care for their claws, but it also offers long-term savings by protecting your furniture. At Cat Tree Haven, we emphasize the importance of quality in ensuring durability and satisfaction. Here are the benefits of choosing a high-quality cat scratching post.

  1. Durability and Longevity

A high-quality scratching post is made from superior materials that can withstand repeated use. This means your cat can enjoy their post for years without it wearing out, saving you money in the long run.

  1. Enhanced Safety

Quality scratching posts are designed with safety in mind. They are stable and sturdy, preventing them from tipping over and potentially injuring your cat or damaging your property.

  1. Better Scratching Experience

Superior scratching posts are designed to meet the natural needs of cats more effectively. They often feature a variety of textures and angles, mimicking the conditions cats would find in the wild, which can lead to more satisfying scratching sessions.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

High-quality scratching posts are often designed to be visually appealing, allowing them to blend seamlessly into home décor. This means they don’t have to be hidden away, making them more accessible for your cat and convenient for you.

  1. Improved Cat Health

Regular use of a scratching post helps keep your cat’s claws in good condition, reducing the risk of splintering and infection. It also promotes physical exercise, aiding in muscle tone and reducing stress.


A high-quality cat scratching post is an investment in your cat’s health, happiness, and the integrity of your home furnishings. Check out the premium options available at Cat Tree Haven, where we prioritize quality to ensure you and your cat are completely satisfied.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right LED Mirror for Your Bathroom

When renovating your bathroom or simply upgrading your mirror, an LED mirror is a fantastic choice that combines aesthetics with functionality. LED mirrors provide excellent lighting for grooming while adding a modern touch to your bathroom décor. Choosing the right LED mirror, however, involves considering several factors. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make the best choice.

Understand the Basics of LED Mirrors

Before diving into the selection process, it’s essential to understand what an LED mirror is. LED mirrors are equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that surround the mirror or are embedded behind it. These mirrors provide clear, efficient lighting, which is perfect for tasks like shaving or applying makeup. Additionally, LED lights are known for their long lifespan and energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective choice.

Size and Placement

The size of the LED mirror you choose should be proportionate to your bathroom space and vanity. A large mirror can make a small bathroom feel bigger, while a mirror that is too small might not be very functional. Measure the area above your vanity where the mirror will be placed to ensure a perfect fit. Also, consider the mirror’s placement in relation to other elements like windows or doors to optimize the lighting and convenience.

Shape and Style

LED mirrors come in various shapes—rectangular, square, round, and more bespoke designs. The shape you choose should complement the overall design theme of your bathroom. For instance, a round or oval mirror tends to soften a bathroom that has lots of straight lines and angles, while a square or rectangular mirror might match a more modern or minimalist décor.

Lighting and Features

One of the most significant benefits of LED mirrors is the quality of light they provide. Decide whether you want cool or warm lighting. Cool lighting is great for tasks because it provides a bright, white light, while warm lighting creates a more inviting atmosphere. Additionally, some LED mirrors come with extra features such as touch sensors, anti-fog systems, and dimming capabilities. These features can enhance functionality and user experience but may also affect the price.

Installation Requirements

Check the installation requirements for the LED mirror. Some mirrors can be heavier than traditional mirrors and might require additional support. Ensure that your bathroom wall is capable of supporting the mirror’s weight. Also, consider the electrical requirements for connecting the LED lights. Hiring a professional for installation might be a good idea to ensure safety and functionality.


LED mirrors can vary significantly in price, depending on size, shape, features, and brand. Set a budget beforehand, but be prepared to invest a bit more for a mirror that offers quality lighting and durability. Remember, an LED mirror is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in the functionality and style of your bathroom.

Reviews and Brand Reputation

Finally, do your homework by reading product reviews and researching brands. Reviews can provide insights into the mirror’s performance and durability. Opting for a reputable brand can also ensure that you get a quality product with good customer support.

Choosing the right LED mirror is about balancing functionality, style, and budget. By considering these factors, you can select a mirror that not only looks great but also enhances your daily grooming routine, making your bathroom a more inviting space. Whether you’re looking for high-tech features or simple elegance, there’s an LED mirror out there that’s perfect for your bathroom.

Why You Should Roof Wash Your Wellington Home

While you probably take great care of your interiors and mow the lawn regularly, you may neglect to clean the exteriors of your property. This can make your home look dull and unappealing.

A dirty roof can be the source of other problems such as moss and mold. The wrong pressure cleaning method can damage the shingles. The right soft wash cleaning can help you prevent such issues.


From painting your walls to mowing the lawn, you put a lot of time into making your home look its best. But a dirty roof can steal the spotlight from even the most stunning of homes.

Often mistaken for mold or mildew, the black staining and streaks on roofs across the United States are actually algae, specifically gloeocapsa magma. This type of algae forms where there is moisture on roof surfaces, and our coastal and humid weather makes conditions ideal for it to grow.

Lichen, moss and algae not only create unsightly stains on your roof, but they can also weaken the structure of your home and lead to leaks and other serious problems. A regular clean with a no pressure roof wash Wellington will eliminate these pesky invaders and help extend the life of your asphalt shingles. It’s important to spray all growths and allow them to dry fully before applying a second heavier application of the Bio-Shield solution.


When it comes to your home’s exterior, there are many ways that you can improve its appearance. You can paint your house a new color, add some landscaping, and even mow the lawn a few times a month. However, one area that often gets overlooked is the roof. Without a clean roof, even the most stunning home can look dull. Dirt, mildew, and algae can leave behind stains that can diminish the overall appearance of your property. No-pressure roof cleaning is the safest and most effective way to remove these stains.

This method uses plain water that is sometimes heated to 50-60 degrees for a more effective wash. PROS Instant and effective, Chemical-free, gutters can be washed out at the same time. CONS Slower process, complete fall arrest systems usually needed, noisy – more disruption to building occupants, higher pressure potentially exposes leaks.


The climate of Wellington makes it a great place for mold growth. Exposure to mold spores can trigger allergies, itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, and asthma attacks. These symptoms can become severe and even life-threatening in some cases.

The attic space of a home often remains damp and dark for long periods, providing the perfect environment for the development of mold. A musty smell is one of the most common signs that a home is infested with mold. If a mold infestation is detected, it is recommended to contact a Wellington mould inspection service immediately.

Preventing mold growth is the best way to protect your family and your property. This can be done by ensuring proper ventilation, addressing water leaks promptly, and using dehumidifiers. A regular cleaning of surfaces with a power washer, bleach or mildewcide is also helpful. In addition to these methods, it is important to regularly clean the gutters and downpipes of a home to remove any stagnant water that can encourage mold growth.

Sun Damage

From painting your home’s interior to mowing the lawn every week, you probably do a lot of work at your property in order to keep it looking its best. However, when it comes to the roof, many homeowners aren’t aware that the sun can cause serious damage.

That black staining on your roof is actually algae (Gloeocapsa Magma). Our coastal and humid weather conditions are the perfect environment for its growth, which can eat away at your shingles. This not only affects the curb appeal of your home but also reduces its lifespan.

Getting your shingles regularly cleaned helps to prevent broken and damaged shingles, which can lead to leaking and expensive repairs in the future. The best way to keep your shingles clean is by using the soft-wash method. This is an eco-friendly, effective alternative to scraping or applying biocide to the surface of your roof. Our professional cleaning will leave your shingles looking like new and extending their lifespan.

How to Properly Store a Mini Sex Doll

A sex doll provides sexual gratification, and it can also stave off loneliness for individuals who feel a void where their spouse or lover should be. They can be discreetly stored in a drawer, dresser, or even underneath the bed with certain safeguards in place.

Betty is a beauty with a body crafted from TPE and silicone materials. She has three orifices for a quick sloppy toppy or passionate anal gaping.


Small sex dolls are ideal for beginners who want to explore the pleasure of sex toys. These dolls are usually made of high-grade silicone or TPE to give you a more realistic experience. They are also easier to carry around, so you can play with them anywhere. Some of them even have a built-in heat system, so you can get orgasmic orgasms while sexing with them.

These sex dolls are available in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose the perfect one for your needs. They also come with different accessories to suit your tastes. These include a variety of lubricants and warming devices.

Many people buy sex dolls for reasons other than sexual gratification. These dolls can provide companionship, boost confidence, and soothe anxiety. They can also help relieve pain from physical and mental ailments. In addition, they can help you become a better person. They can stave off loneliness and help you find your own sexuality.


There are a number of customization options available for mini sex dolls. These include a variety of body types, a choice of labia colors and a selection of heads. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose a doll with or without pubic hair and a shaved vagina.

Whether you are looking for a realistic or more stylized look, there is sure to be a sex doll to suit your taste. Most of the top love doll manufacturers offer a wide range of head styles and body shapes. You can even choose the height of your doll.

Some sex dolls have a fixed vagina, while others have an insert that looks the same but is designed to make it easier to clean. It is recommended that you have a discussion with the doll manufacturer about which option would be best for you. You should always remember that the sex doll is for personal use and should not be used to cause harm or injury.

Lifelong Companionship

While it may seem strange, many sex doll owners find companionship in their relationships with their love dolls. These companions serve a variety of purposes from sexual pleasure to emotional gratification. They also offer an outlet for those who have trouble connecting with others. Moreover, these dolls are available whenever you want them.

Sex dolls are a perfect way to explore your fantasies without worrying about any feelings or limitations that might come with your real-world partner. They are 100% obedient and allow you to indulge in any fantasy or fetish you desire. You can even find sex dolls that are geared toward particular fetishes, from vampires to large-tits sex dolls.

Despite the wide range of options, most sex dolls are similar in appearance. This is due to the fact that most are made from either silicone or TPE. However, some manufacturers have specialized upgrades that you can use to make your doll feel unique and more like a part of you. These upgrades can include things like a base head with unique proportions in the cheeks, jawline, and brow, as well as an eye color, lips, and makeup.


Keeping your sex doll properly stored ensures that its material remains safe and in good condition. It also protects it from damage and mold growth. It will also prevent the spread of bacteria that may be present in it.

There are several storage options available for sex dolls, and they all vary in price and convenience. Some are discreetly designed, allowing you to store your sex doll inconspicuously without drawing unwanted attention. These units are typically made of materials that are easy to clean, and they include features that allow for ventilation.

Another option is to use a cough or bench that has an in-built storage box. This is used by many doll owners to hide and safely store their adult dolls. This storage unit is easy to find in the market at affordable prices. It also offers a comfortable seating position and allows you to relax comfortably without anyone knowing what is inside. If you are handy with woodwork, you can even make your own sex doll storage bench at home.

Fencing Companies in the Omaha Area

Fencing Omaha provides residential and commercial fencing services. It carries and installs different types of fences, including wood, vinyl, ornamental iron, and chain-link fences. Its builders also perform fence repairs.

Neighbor disputes over property lines and fence laws can become contentious. It is important to understand the law and protect your rights.

Aksarben Fence & Gate

Aksarben Fence & Gate offers residential and commercial fencing services. Its team of professionals also performs gate installation, maintenance, and repair on Omaha properties. This locally owned and operated business serves clients in Sarpy and Douglas counties.

Its services include landscape design and installation, water features, walls, and patios. Its contractors can build a fence that is custom-designed for any outdoor space. They can also install wrought iron and reclaimed wood fencing.

American Access Company

American Access Casualty Company provides specialty private passenger auto insurance. It also offers online tools for drivers and bilingual assistance. In addition, it provides SR-22 insurance.

Pacific Fence carries and installs ornamental fences, steel, cedar wood, and vinyl coated fences for residential and commercial properties in Omaha and surrounding areas. Its builders also repair existing fences. They also build decks and pergolas. The company uses materials from manufacturers such as Priefert Ponderosa and Magnum.

Arbor Fences

An arbor is a great entry way to and from a fenced-in area. It may stand alone or serve as a gateway to a garden. Its design can reflect the style of your home, garden or fence line. For example, a gabled roof can complement a home with similar architecture.

Arbor Fences has been serving residential and commercial customers from Omaha and its environs for over 21 years. It carries and installs different types of fencing materials. It also offers fence repair services.

Caniglia Woodwork

Caniglia Woodwork is a family-owned and operated business that offers residential painting services in Omaha, Nebraska. The company provides interior and exterior painting, cabinet staining, and handyman services. It also offers wallpaper removal and repair, cupboard painting, and deck staining services.

During a heated argument, Edward Caniglia pulled out his pistol and pointed it at his wife, Kim. Concerned about his mental health, she called the police to report the incident. Officers Mastrati and Smith responded to the home.

Anytime Contracting

Anytime Contracting is a one-stop shop that installs, repairs, and replaces all types of fences. This family-owned and operated company serves residential and commercial clients in the Omaha area. It also offers services for interior railing, wrought iron gates, spiral staircases, arbors, and more. The company also handles garage door repair and replacement.

The business was founded by two brothers who brought different talents to the table. They both have more than a decade of experience in fencing, decking, and garage door repair and installation.

TaylorMade Construction Enterprises

Taylor Made Construction Enterprises is a family owned and operated company that specializes in residential and commercial construction projects. They are known for quality work, and they are dedicated to ensuring each project is completed according to job specifications. They offer services such as wood, vinyl, and chain link privacy fence installation; deck staining and pressure washing; brick work, custom fencing, and gates. They are licensed and insured. BBB encourages consumers to use their own best judgment in selecting a business or contractor.

Omarail Aluminum Railing & Fencing

Omarail Aluminum Railing & Fencing installs and repairs maintenance-free aluminum fences, deck railing, columns, spiral staircases, and more. It also fabricates custom wrought iron fencing, gates, interior railing, balusters, and egress window gates. It uses products from top brands like Ingersoll Rand and Priefert.

This company has been providing landscaping and fencing services for residential and commercial properties in Omaha for more than 21 years. Its crew offers design drafts, consultations, and installation.

Major Way Fencing Co.

If you want a low-maintenance solid privacy fence, this company can build one for you at an affordable price. They can also add a gate for added security. They use quality materials and offer a variety of height options. They can install fences for commercial and residential properties.

This family-owned business has been providing fence installation services for more than 20 years. Its builders can install wood, vinyl, and iron fences and perform fence repairs.

Nebraska Vinyl

After 1973’s dizzying The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle, Springsteen’s work on Nebraska was to paint stark portraits of America’s wounded souls with old tools — a few acoustic guitars and a four-track Portastudio. The songs are bleak and difficult: they’re about people turning to crime (Atlantic City, Johnny 99) or losing their homes (My Father’s House).

Our edition of this essential album is half-speed mastered and pressed on black vinyl with an exclusive art print. Available October 2022.

Manuka Honey and Honey – What is the Non-Peroxide Activity of Manuka Honey?

All honey has antibacterial properties that come from hydrogen peroxide, but Manuka has an additional non-peroxide activity. This was discovered by Peter Molan in the 1980s.

Manuka can be used to treat scrapes and cuts, as well as sooth coughing. It may also be helpful in healing MRSA, a dangerous strain of bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

Medicinal Benefits

The unique antibacterial properties of manuka honey blend have been used for millennia in traditional medicine. It has a non-peroxide activity that rivals the potency of phenol in killing bacteria and other bugs. It also has natural healing and soothing qualities, reducing tissue inflammation that causes pain.

Medical grade Manuka has been shown to promote wound healing with fewer side effects than most other treatments. It can be applied to burns, skin ulcers and other wounds. Its ability to reduce pain helps patients tolerate treatment, such as chemotherapy for cancer.

Manuka’s antimicrobial action helps minimise the buildup of dental plaque, preventing gingivitis and gum disease. It can also be consumed to soothe a sore throat. Try drizzling over toast, adding to warm drinks or creating a nourishing face mask. It also works as a healthier substitute for sugar in tea and coffee. A spoonful of manuka honey before bed encourages a restful night’s sleep. It also makes a delicious addition to homemade energy bars and cookies.

Side Effects

Honey is well known as a wound-healing agent and for its antibacterial properties. It can fight infections that cause sore throat and also ulcers in the digestive tract. Honey is also a natural skin moisturizer and can help treat dermatitis and psoriasis. It contains organic acids like gluconic, lactic, succinic, citric, maleic and oxalic acids that exert skin-nourishing and cleansing effects.

When taken regularly, manuka honey can reduce gum bleeding and plaque. It can also prevent bacterial growth in the mouth that leads to tooth decay.

One tablespoon of manuka honey contains 60 calories and 18 grams of sugar, which is similar to the nutritional content of regular table/runny honey. As a concentrated source of carbohydrates and sugar, people with diabetes should exercise needful caution when taking this honey. It can increase blood sugar levels considerably. Honey can also trigger an allergic reaction in some people. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include a rash or hives, wheezing, difficulty swallowing and stomach upset such as nausea and vomiting.


Manuka honey is a low-calorie sweetener that works great with hot or cold foods and drinks. It’s a delicious addition to a smoothie with chopped fruit or berries or can be stirred into yoghurt with mix-ins like flaked coconut and ground or chia seeds. It also makes a lovely dipping sauce for roasted root vegetables, such as carrots and parsnips.

PRI’s Manuka blend combines the best of monofloral and New Zealand multifloral honey for a tasty and versatile honey. The Manuka component is sourced from the unique Leptospermum scoparium plant native to New Zealand, and contains high levels of methylglyoxal.

The New Zealand multifloral component comes from a variety of locations across the North and South Islands, including the Nelson Lakes National Park, Marlborough Sounds and Awatere Valley. All of the honey is produced by a sustainable, eco-friendly and 100% Maori owned company. Each jar of honey has its own unique code that provides information about where the honey was made, its lab test results and MGO rating.


In the 1980s, New Zealand biochemist Peter Molan discovered that Manuka honey had unusual antimicrobial properties. He determined these were due to a chemical compound in the honey called methylglyoxal (MGO), which forms from dihydroxyacetone as the honey matures. He developed a grading system for Manuka honey that correlates with the levels of MGO it contains, known as the UMF rating.

Regular consumption of Manuka honey has been shown to kill bacteria in the mouth, throat and stomach. It’s also been used to treat bacterial infections of the skin, and has even helped prevent ulcers.

Another promising study found that when consumed regularly, Manuka honey can reduce the bacterial population of people with Cystic Fibrosis, which causes thick mucus to build up in the lungs. This honey may also help promote quality sleep by acting as a natural sleep aid, and it has been found to be effective in helping with chronic respiratory conditions like asthma.

Polystyrene Recycling NZ

Most people have seen EPS, or polystyrene, used in a variety of products. This plastic consists of 96 – 98% air and is inexpensive, lightweight, water resistant and insulating.

However, throwing EPS away is not great for the environment. Like all plastics, it is not biodegradable and requires energy to transport, reprocess and recycle.

Household Polystyrene Recycling Programme

Polystyrene is lightweight, cheap and insulating but it takes up space in landfills and presents a threat to marine life when it escapes into our Waterways and Beaches. Many people are looking for practical alternatives to this type of packaging.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) cannot go in your kerbside recycling bin but there are now a number of locations around the country where you can drop off your EPS for recycling. The EPS is collected by EXPOL and repurposed into their range of environmentally friendly products, including home insulation and drainage products.

To ensure that your EPS is recycled, please make sure that it is clean and free from food residue, dirt, glue or stickers. You can drop off up to two full rubbish bags of household EPS at Wastebusters in Wanaka or Mitre 10 Mega Queenstown (call ahead to check that they have capacity). You can also return your EPS at the Amberley, Cheviot and Hanmer Springs transfer stations through the Green Waste Recycling programme.

Commercial Polystyrene Recycling

Businesses can now recycle their commercial polystyrene waste in New Zealand. Large quantities of clean expanded polystyrene foam can be dropped off at Mitre 10 stores in partnership with Expol to be recycled into building products instead of going into landfill.

Check your foam packaging for the Australasian Recycling Label to see if it is recyclable. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) cups, trays and foam packaging are all marked with the symbol.

Polystyrene can be crushed to be turned into a building product such as garden edging, window frames or skirting boards. It can also be melted and made into outdoor furniture, picture frames and decking.

Try to avoid buying items packaged with polystyrene recycling NZ, but if this is not possible use the ‘Refuse polystyrene’ option when shopping online. This will encourage retailers to use alternative packaging. There are also a number of research initiatives underway to find more natural alternatives, including bio-based plastics that will break down in the soil without emitting toxins into our environment.

Polystyrene Packaging

Polystyrene manufacturers that are members of Plastics New Zealand are working hard to ensure that all packaging is designed with end-of-life outcomes and our local system in mind. Mitre 10 stores have joined forces with EXPOL to provide a nation-wide programme where you can drop off residential polystyrene from your retail packaging into recycling cubes, which will be recycled into new products, rather than sent to landfill.

Other manufacturers are offering customers a reusable packaging service, where they can purchase containers that can be returned to them for refills. This is an excellent way to reduce waste and save on packaging costs.

The Government is phasing out PVC meat trays and polystyrene takeaway boxes, along with some other hard-to-recycle plastic items like cotton buds, plastic drink stirrers and single-use plastic produce bags and labels. These items will be banned from sale late next year, with the aim of removing them from our landfills and waterways by mid-2025.

Polystyrene Insulation

Polystyrene insulation products are made from a highly processed plastic (which is not as green as other forms of insulation). However, the product itself does not contain any airborne pollutants and has been injected with fire retardant. Unlike other types of insulation, it’s also safe to touch, non-allergenic and doesn’t itch.

Mitre 10 has started a service in partnership with EXPOL to take clean domestic polystyrene, which can be recycled back into building products. Recycling EPS reduces the amount of petroleum needed to make new material, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for oil entirely as energy is still required to transport and reprocess the polystyrene.

It’s important to check that the packaging has an Australasian Recycling Label, indicating it can be recycled at your local recycling centre. If you’re looking for a more environmentally sustainable option, polyester insulation is a great choice. It’s made from natural sheep wool – either new or recycled from carpet manufacture offcuts – mixed with polyester and preservatives.